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Nightmare on Vape Street-$19

Maiden -A creamy blend with notes of sweet creams, burnt sugar, and a hint of something secret!

Massacre Milk -A delicious complex blend of 12 premium ingredients, ripened bananas mixed with the right amount of sweet caramel, peanut butter, and a scoop of ice cream!

Sinful -A sweet creamy strawberry turnover

Scarlett Revamped -A cream filled cupcake topped with key-lime icing

Lust -Warm cooked apples layered over warm flaky pie crust, topped with a scoop of vanila ice cream and drizzled with caramel!

Revelation -A combination of delicious berries blended with sweet creamy yogurt

The Drip Co.-$22

Frappberry -A sweet Frappberry topped with whipped cream.

Dirty Chai -A creamy sweet spiced Chai Tea with a hint of espresso.

Lucky Devil -Ice cold milk and marshmallow cereal.

Sour Punch'd Straws -Your favorite BlueRazz sour strawz with the perfect amount of sweet and sour!!!

Punch'd Watermelon -Watermelon candy with the perfect amount of sweet and sour!

Cone Flakes -Cone made of flaky corn cereal, topped with strawberry swirl ice cream.


Killer Kustard -A hallmark of our collection, Killer Kustard is an enchanting mix of vanilla and custard flavors. If you've been searching for the perfect level of sweet and savory then look no further; simply put, Killer Kustard is the smoothest, richest and most delicious custard that you can get your hands on. You've been warned! This one is hard to put down!

Rainbow Road -Taste every color of the spectrum with our newest flavor Rainbow Road. You'll sense all the familiar breakfast cereal flavors of citrus, berries and tangy fruit on the inhale; and on exhale you'll experience the smoothest creamiest milk possible! This perfect combination of sweet, sugary cereal and fresh milk on the eexhale will no doubt leave you wanting for more!

Milk of the Poppy -A perfect balance of flavor and sweetness that won't leave your taste buds tired! Velvety and luscious, the combination of rich cream and ripe strawberries dances off the tongue on inhale, and just as you thought it couldn't get any better it exhales as smooth and complex as you've come to expect from Vapetasia.

Royalty II -Arguably our most complex, and most unique flavor; Royalty II is appreciated by new vapers and veterans all the same. On inhale you'll find notes of savory custard, nuts, and creamy vanilla; met with a mild earthy flavor that's sure to please even the most discerning palates. Exhale you'll be greeted by the smoothest, creamiest, and perfectly sweet flavor you've ever met.

Pineapple Express -Sit back, relax, and take a ride through paradise on our luxurious gourmet E-Liquid Pineapple Express! It's all too easy to get lost in the luxury and refinement on-board another one of our favorite flavors. Pineapple Express is an incredible tropical blend with the taste of a big, ripe, juicy pineapple coming through with our trademark creamy smoothness.

Mohawk Vapors-$15

Orange Scream -Orange Creamsicle that will remind you of being a kid on a hot summer day

Sinful Strawberry -A fresh ripe strawberry with a rich creamy cheesecake that will leave you waiting for more

Yohawk -A truly bold sweet yogurt flavor with a mix of fresh blueberry and tangy cranberry makes this one of the best yogurt vapes ever.

Rockin Raspberry -A sweet raspberry with a mix of vanillas and creams make this a true one of a kind vape

Summer Blues -A sweet delicious apple pie with green apple and a great blueberry finish.

Mad Melon -Crisp mix of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe thats sweet and delicious

Punkberry Yogurt -A delicious strawberry frozen yogurt with a perfect balance of ice cream and yogurt

The Sweetness -It's a snickerdoodle cookie with hints of vanilla. Kinda gives you a Cinnamon Toast Crunch vibe


D'Nish -The Cherry Danish that you have been looking for. Bright Cherry, flaky pastry, and a silky glaze.

The Pie Guys-$22

Chocolate Cream Pie -Cocoa, cocoa and more coacoa. Nothing but goregous dark cocoa hit the taste buds here. Balanced beautifully with a dose of whipped cream to finish the job. An ADV for sure!

Irish Cream Pie -A beautiful Pie that is flowing with Bailey's and cream cheese. Finished by a delicious graham cracker crust that is sure to delight the taste buds.

Apple Crumble Pie -Not too sweet, not too tart. This apple pie has tons of apple flavor that is complimented beautifully by those delicious graham cracker crumbles.

Charlie's Chalk Dust-$23

Dream Cream -A rich vanilla cream with hints of fudge and notes of cinnamon.

Head Bangin Boogie -A tropical blueberry popsicle that will knock your pants off.

Peanut Butter and Jesus -A spiritual experience of Peanut Butter and Jelly

Slam Berry -Farm Fresh strawberries and home made ice cream

Trueberry Sugar and Knife -Pineapple upsdie down pancake with a blackberry maple drizzle.

Shocker E-Liquid-$22

The Rocker -Throw your horns up! Rich and creamy vanilla custard with warm caramel drizzled on top.

The Shocker -Smooth and shockingly delicious! Sweet creamy yogurt twisted with slices of fresh ripe strawberries and a granola crunch finish!

The Teaser -One taste will have you begging for more! Thick and rich banana pudding topped with vanilla wafers and a dollop of whipped cream.

The Spocker -Vape long and prosper! Tangy tangerines blended into creamy vanilla ice cream with a heaping spoonful of whipped cream.

The Pleaser -Give your wick a happy ending! Cake, pierced with plump, ripe blueberries and blasted with cinnamon.

The Show Stopper -Hits your sweet spot! Cinnamon danish with butterscotch, vanilla, and caramel folded in to make this deliciously creamy flavor.

Lost Colony Vapor-$20

Constitutional Custard -Expertly balanced vanilla, butterscotch, and caramel custard. Not too heavy, it's just right.

Sir Crispy -A smooth, creamy, rice crispy treat made with fluffy strawberry marshmallow. The original and best strawberry rice crispy treat around!

Liberty Lemon -The perfect lemon shortbread cookie. Once you taste it, you won't have to "scout" around anymore for the best lemon cookie vape!

Colonial Crumble -A cinnamon graham crumble with fresh tasting blueberries. This vape will reveal more blueberry flavor as you dig through its delicious layers of cinnamon graham crumble

Gnome Juice-$19

Liquid Gold -Gold in a bottle, sure to make you go bananas and a little fruity too!

Da Bomb -An explosion of strawberry flavor layered with shortcake from the first taste to the last, Da Bomb will blow your mind!

O.M.G. -That fruity cereal in milk that will make you loopy and have you saying OMG!

TrainWreck -Reminiscent of that favorite candy from years gone by, Train Wreck will fill your mouth with a blast of candy that will leave you feeling like an air head!

Milk Mustache -Flashback to your favorite Saturday morning cartoon and finishing off that bowl of your favorite fruity cereal; drinking the milk right from the bowl, giving yourself that perfect Milk Mustache! Not too fruity, not too sweet, just the right blend of milk with cereal left, to be your all day vape!

Zinga! E-Juice-$23

Zinga -Sweet yellow snack cake, filled with fluffy cream, covered in raspberry jelly with coconut sprinkles!!

Sky's the Limit-$18

Spooky Dragon -Drops a flavor bomb on your tongue. Dragonfruit with mixed berries and just a drizzle of sweet cream!!

Apache -An all our assault on your tastebuds. Melons with a summer berry mix and a twist of whipped cream and graham cracker!!

High Seas-$18

Blue Nose -A tropical coconut drink mixed with blueberries and hints of sliced strawberries will have you drive the ship aground for more!

Cast Off -This tasty treat will keep your tastebuds guessing with every hit. With over 5 flavor combinations including Banana and Cake Batter this flavor is a treat for all to love!

Deep Six -The sweetest peach rings with a hint of some of the tartest berries we could find set this flavor apart from any other.

Fairway -Your favorite childhood fruit flavored sugar cereal rings soaked in milk will take you back in time and craving more.

Full Mast -If we said this would be your tastebuds new best friend, it would be an understatement. Enjoy the sweetest strawberries and creams on the ship!

Port Royal -A new take on the most sught after flavor. This vanilla custard was crafted to be a gift to the rough seas for troubled passings. Our crew smuggled it from Port Royal city located in southern Jamaica and brought it all the way home for the entire High Seas crew to enjoy.

Strapple Donut -A delicious strawberry glazed apple donut that will quickly become your new all day vape.

Hard Cocktails-$22

Angel's Share -Rich and full flavored Tennessee whiskey blended with creamy french vanilla bean ice cream.

Cuba Libre -Free yourself and relax with this refreshing aged rum and cola with a twist of lime.

Devil's Cut -An explosion of fire with a sweet cinnamon finish. Can you handle the Devil's Cut? Try it now...if you dare.

Grasshopper -Cool mint and creamy white chocolate blend to create a delicious and smooth cocktail. Vape on the creme de la creme.

Irish -Enjoy this decadent blend of bold coffee and irish spirits topped with sweet cream.

Fixx-E Liquid-$22

Lemon Cheesecrank -Perfectly creamy cheesecake with a sweet lemon drizzle and a delectable graham cracker crust.

Loop de Loop -Just like a spoonful of your favorite fruit cereal with ice cold milk.

Milky Shake -A whirlwind of strawberry ice cream and milk blended fresh for you to enjoy. Just like the diner favorite!

Peach Cruiser -A sweet and ripe peach purée paired with a smooth vanilla yogurt.

Spinnabun -The center of a cinnamon roll (which we all know is the best part). Soft, warm dough coated in cinnamon sugar and gooey, melty frosting. It's our best flavor yet.

Sweet Tooth E-Juice-$22

Delish -Root Beer Float.

Loopy -Breakfast Cereal Loops

Luscious -Lemon Meringue Pie

Cheat Day -Chocolate-Glazed Donut

Sugar Rush -Crunch Berry Cereal

The Cakery-$24

Buttercream Dream -A decadent melody of raspberry and strawberry cakes blending together to form a near perfect pairing. Frosted with luscious buttercream. You won't want to put this one down!

Birthday Bash -Vape like it's your birthday..Everyday! A rich and creamy vanilla confetti cake stacked with deilcious layers of frosting with sprinkles inside and out. Sweet yet subtle enough to enjoy all day, everyday!

Blueberry Bliss -Take time to have creamy slice of New-York style cheesecake, topped with a sweet blueberry compote and a savory graham cracker crust. Yes, You can have your cake and vape it too!

Garrett Rottenz-$20

Terribilis -A perfect blend reminiscent of strawberry shortcake. At higher wattages, the juice taste extra "cake-ee". On lower builds, you get a wonderfully sweet strawberry with the cake on the exhale.

Oxford 924 -The perfect blend of a certain "cruncy captain" cereal and "fruit flavored small rocks" cereal.

Heretic's Fork -Cinnamon fried bananas....A true banana pastry style....with a kick.

Capital Vices -A smooth flavor of red raspberries with a hint of cream. Not the fictitional blue raspberry you find everywhere, this flavor really tastes like fresh picked raspberries.

601 -Elvis had a favorite sandwich...so do I. Banana peanut butter it is. Smooth banana with a creamy peanut butter exhale.

Toe Kutter -Tender apples and the crisp crust, with a hint of brown sugar. The hotter the build, the more straight out of the oven apple pie.

Twisted Shifter -A bold blend of a delectable juicy peach with a subtle but sweet ripe mango on the exhale. This unique blend is sweet, tart, delicious and perfect for an ADV!

Reverse Cowgirl -A backwoods vape....mild berry inhale with a smooth tobacco exhale.

Son of Sam -The tasty Toucan you're used to with a fruity twist. Hints of lemon, raspberry and orange, topped off with a sweet milk makes this juice better than your favorite cereal.

Mad Scientist-$22

Bubba -Even the Mad Scientist likes to kick back sometimes and relax with a mouthful of bangin’ banana bubblegum

Darker The Berry -The Mad Scientist uses natural fruit extracts to create this perfect candied blueberry experience

Eat a Peach -The Mad Scientist starts with ripe peaches picked fresh from the gummi tree in making this amazing ring of flavor.

Electric Punch -The Mad Scientist maxes five kinds of fruit with 10,000 volts of high powered flavor. So good it’ll make you want to punch your lab assistant.

Five Dollar Milkshake -The richest, creamiest and most delicious milkshake the Mad Scientist has ever experienced

Fresh Squeeze -If it weren’t for the creamy smooth under-current, the Mad Scientist would’ve called this incredible flavor creation atomic tangerine.

Katy’s Cherry -Fresh, sweet and full of promise—like the first week of spring, when the Mad Scientist thinks back to the one that got away.

Swirly Pop -The Mad Scientist makes a tornado in a test tube by mixing tart pineapple and other exotic fruit with sweet whipped cream. Holy F**@!—This one is good!

Swirly Pop(MENTHOL) -The Mad Scientist makes a tornado in a test tube by mixing tart pineapple and other exotic fruit with sweet whipped cream. Holy F**@!—This one is good! (with menthol)

That Cookie Dough -The Mad Scientist takes his famous cookie recipe and bakes in just enough creamy coconut to make you say-oh that cookie dough!

Totally Vaped Out-$22

Purple Insane -Vape like a prince with this totally awesome blend of tropical berris with a citrus twist

Pretty and Pink -A new wave of berry and melon bubble gum flavors that remind you of being a kid again.

Weird Scientist -Our totally radical scientist made up this wicked green melon blend in our labs.

Lady in Red -Pomegranate, passion fruit, and peach. 3 exotic fruits combined to dance on your palate.

Blue Monday -How…Does it feel? To remember those classic sweet and sour candies? So totally tubular!

Dragon’s Lair -Join the quest to conquer the lair of the dragon! The treasure is his forbidden fruit.